Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Christmas preparations (1)

Well, I`ve done it.
I`ve been going to do it for weeks, but either haven`t felt in the mood to do it, or haven`t had the time to do it, or haven`t had all the essential ingredients to do it, but now this afternoon I did it. And in a few hours time it will be cooked and ready. A lovely smell is beginning to permeate the kitchen, bringing back memories of past years, past times. Strange isn`t it, how smells can evoke so many memories. This one brings back thoughts of happy times, of watching mother making them, of my small hands trying to stir them, of dad tying the covers on with string and securely knotting a handle over the top in the way only he could do. Happy memories.

What am I talking about…. our Christmas puddings.

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