Saturday, November 12, 2005

Appreciating Life

Maybe its because of the sad event of this week (which I wrote about earlier in the week), or memories from last week, or because tomorrow is Remembrance Sunday maybe it’s a combination of all three, and thinking about those whose lives have been cut short. But, I keep getting a line come into my head today, I`m not sure whether it comes form a poem, a hymn, a song, or where but its `Treat each day as if thy last` or words to that effect.

Reading someone`s blog the other day, they were talking about buying things to treat themselves. I can relate to that because I was brought up to save, and not spend, but yet these last few years, it`s come to me that one should enjoy what one has and make the most of it. I`m not saying be rash and go bankrupt!, but to have what one needs and gives pleasure while one can enjoy it.

I think it`s a lesson I`ve learnt, but still need to keep reminding myself – that time is precious and we should make the most of what we have.

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