Thursday, November 10, 2005

"In heaven"!

I`ve been in heaven this afternoon.
Well, not literally! (but its another one of those sayings)
I`ve been in a large craft shop – they had absolutely everything you could imagine. Paper in all colours of the rainbow, paints, pencils and sketch pads (not that I`m any good at drawing of painting – wish I was). Materials for all types of sewing from patchwork to dressmaking. Buttons and beads in all shapes and sizes, skeins of silks and cotton, containers to store them neatly in, sequins and thread. Things to make, things to colour – you name it they had it.
I only went in to get some needles. Did I come out with just needles?! No, ofcourse not, I ended up with far more. Now all I need is the time to use them!

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