Tuesday, November 15, 2005


What is News?

I`ve just looked it up in a dictionary and it says “new or interesting information about recent events”. And, interesting (in the thesaurus) could be classed as absorbing, entertaining, engrossing, intriguing, fascinating, gripping, and stimulating.

So, why are all the news programmes on television so full of gloom, of depressing news? Why do they never divide the programme time between good and interesting things that have taken place? Why is it all on tragedy and disaster, or scandal? I know that we have to be informed of such things, and it would be wrong not to, but at the same time why isn`t good news shared? I can`t believe that there aren`t good things happening in the world. If “news” is meant to be interesting information about recent events, we should be told about them too. Why can`t they even up the balance of the programmes, so that we don`t switch off at the end, feeling so depressed with everything?