Friday, November 04, 2005

Smile Please

Smile Please” No, I`m not going to say you`re on Candid Camera (wonder who remembers that television programme?) It`s not one I was particularly keen on, in it they set up tricks to play on people in everyday life – like a post box which as soon as you posted a letter in, in posted it out to you again (because, obviously there was someone in the post box), but people seemed so flummoxed by it happening and would stand there keep posting the letter in and watching it come back. Surely it had to be a set up of people using the box and not the general public that they said it was, no-one could be that taken-in. Or could they?! And that was though to be comedy entertainment!

Strange isn`t it how a phrase suddenly brings something back, I`d not thought about that programme for donkey`s years. – And there`s another of those Sayings I was writing about the other day, surprising how many we use in everyday language isn`t it.

“Smile please” And, no, I`m not taking a photo either.

So what does the title refer to?.....

It`s the answer to yesterdays “What is it”


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