Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Swimming with thoughts

I wonder why it is that when I do these “What creature am I” type quizzes I seem to end up with something that can swim! First it was a turtle (see here), now it’s a mermaid. Yet, I can`t swim a stroke. Oh, I`ve got a certificate that says I can do a few yards, but I can`t recall swimming it!

Out of those two creatures – the turtle and the mermaid, I guess in some ways I`m more like the turtle – in respect to having a “shell”, to hide my real self. What most people see is actually just the outside of me.
Maybe that explains a comment that was said to me recently – when someone said that they used to think I was so strict and stern and they were afraid to speak to me. But now that they knew me they knew that wasn`t so. And it quite shook me when she said that to me and it`s worried me, because I don`t want to appear like that to people, because I`m not like that. But I suppose to hide my feelings and the uncertain and lacking in confidence person that I really am maybe I do appear too unapproachable or unsociable. I wish I had got more confidence to talk to people and to make friends. I really shall have to try and do something about it.

Not sure about doing something about the swimming though!

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