Saturday, November 04, 2006

Where`s Guy?

There`s bangs, whoosh`s, cracks, whizz`s and all sorts of unusual sounds going off outside to night. Yes, they`re fireworks, a day early.

It set us pondering a while ago and remembering - what`s happened to all the guys for Guy Fawkes night. You used to see children with old prams, pushchairs, barrows, each having a guy in it - made maybe of sacking stuffed with straw or other material, an old battered hat on its head, and various other clothing on it. And there`d be an old bit of cardboard beside it saying "Penny for the Guy". There used to be a bit of rivarly between children as to who could produce the best one, but for several years now, not one`s to be seen in this town.

I wonder if they`re still made and the tradition carried on in other places?

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