Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nice Day

A lovely autumn day today, the sun shone, the sea was beautiful shades of blue just gently lapping on the sand, sea gulls were whirring overhead, the sky going pink and orange as the sun began to set, so I took a photo of it, and here it is.

But, it doesn`t really capture how lovely it really was. You needed to be there to really appreciate that, the sheer expanse of the sea as far as you could see looking right, left and straight ahead, the colours ever changing in the sky as the sun dropped lower and the atmosphere of the place.

Really, that`s made me think, its so much like life isn`t it? You have to experience things for yourself to really know what they`re like. You can imagine and picture from what others tell you, but it`s not the same as knowing for yourself. Posted by Picasa

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