Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Multiplying fruit !

We`ve not got an apple tree in our garden, so a few weeks ago our next door neighbour gave us some of the windfall apples from her tree. I made an apple pie from some of them for lunch the next day, which we enjoyed with some cream, and put the rest of the apples in the fridge to use another day.

A couple of days later the lady across the road from us, brought a bag of apples over, she`d been given some and thought we`d like some. We appreciated the thought and the apples.

A week later a bag of apples appeared on the back door step, a couple of days later a bag of apples sat on the front door step. These also were turned into apple pies and two frozen and one eaten.

On the Sunday, at church, "Would you like some apples, I`ve had some given me and I don`t do any cooking now" said an elderly lady. So as not to hurt her feelings or generosity we said "Yes, please". In the fridge they went, to join all the other apples already in there.

Another week passed, and one of the neighbours brought us another bag of apples..."there`s so many on the trees this year, that we don`t know what to do with them all, and thought you might like some more" "Thank you", we replied taking the bag. This time, there was no more room in the fridge, so they sat on the kitchen work top.

Coming home the other day, what do we find?..... yes, a bag of apples sitting on the step. And then the next day at church, the elderly lady says "I`ve brought you another bag of apples" !!

Now, sitting in my kitchen are 8 big apple pies which I`ve made this afternoon, and there`s still a big bag of apples sitting there looking at me as if to say, do something with us......

......but what?!

(all of them are cooking apples)

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