Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What is a Dad?

What is a Dad?

From earliest memories, he`s a person who`s always there for you.

The one on whose knee you sit to be read stories to
Who you correct for mispronouncing the name of Heidi in your favourite story.

The person who takes you to Sunday school with them, even when they are teaching a class of much older boys and you`re the only girl!

The person who taught you to say your prayers at night.

He`s the person who shares time in hobbies and making and doing things with you.
And as you grow, you share in doing activities and things with them.

The person you look for to come home from work each day, and who you enjoy walking along the cliffs with.

The one who does the washing-up when you do the cooking.

The person who teaches you so much,
and from whom you learn so much without realising it, until you later look back.

He`s the person you feel safe and secure with,
who you love and who you miss so much when he`s not around any more.

Who was this Dad? It was my Dad. The Dad that I give thanks to God for.

Why have I written this today?.....because today would have been his birthday, and I wanted to share some memories of him.

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