Monday, November 27, 2006

Dreaming of Birds

I had a strange dream last night, and it`s still haunting me. It`s seldom that I dream, or should I say it`s seldom that I remember a dream, because don`t they say that we all dream every night?
And, do dreams really have a meaning, and... if so....what does this one mean?
Anyway, on to my dream......

.... Something thumped on the window of the room I was in, and looking up I realised that it was a bird that had flown into the window. I could see it on the ground outside obviously having stunned itself. I went and opened the front door to go out and see if it was badly hurt. But as I stood there at the door instead of staying there or flying away, the bird, a seagull, quickly hopped and fluttered its way to me and jumped into my arms. It had only one leg. It looked trustingly up at me.

I hurridly thought what can I put it in, I hadn`t a box handy, so grabbed a red plastic storage type basket and set it in that, found something to put some water in and set that in the basket too. My parent by then had appeared on the scene, and said "you can`t keep that in here, it will make a mess and a smell". "But the poor thing may be hurt", I said. She repeated what she`d said, so I went to carefully carry the bird in the basket out to put in the shed.

What happened after that...... I don`t know.....the alarm clock work me up!

But, I can still somehow see the trusting face of that seagull as it jumped into my arms. Odd, isn`t it?

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