Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I`ve been searching for the elusive today!... All I want is some bulbs, I don`t even mind what sort or colour they are, so it should be simple enough to find them, shouldn`t it?

I`ve been in the town, I`ve been out of the town, I`ve found light bulbs, torch bulbs, countless different forms of Christmas lights bulbs, but can I find the bulbs I want? No. Even the likelist place, the place you`d expect them to have them didn`t.

What am I searching for? Spring bulbs for the garden, I`d be happy to find either daffodil, tulip or even some crocus bulbs. OK, I know most people set their bulbs in September or October, but I just didn`t feel like doing them then, I just felt I couldn`t be bothered, couldn`t feel any enthuasism for the work of setting bulbs, so I didn`t get any. Now today, on a very mild springlike day in November, I thought, yes I really must set some bulbs, if I don`t do it I`ll be disappointed when spring comes and I haven`t any to look at. I do enjoy watching them grow and bloom. I really must make the effort and get some and set them.

But, I`m thwarted, and it`s my own fault. So, I suppose that teaches me the old lesson `never put off till tomorrow what you should do today`.

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