Thursday, November 16, 2006


I`m going to have a grouse, a grumble today - so, as they say "you`ve been warned" before you read this.

As anyone who reads this regularly may have realised, I`ve got a parent who is not able to walk very well at all. Infact she can go nowhere without a wheely walking aid, not even around the house, and if we go out anywhere she has to go in a wheelchair.

Having lived for many, many years in the same town lots of people remember her and ask me when they see me, "how`s your Mum?" My answer is that she`s alright apart from not being any good at walking or getting about, unless I take her out in the car. And, they almost all reply, "oh, she`s like me then, I can`t get around much"....

You may wonder why that annoys me - it`s because they`re obviously able to walk unaided around the town, probably even to the town, some are not even using a walking stick let alone a wheely walker, they`re able to do their own shopping, go for walks etc. So why do they compare themselves to being the same as someone who can`t get out without assistance.
They don`t know how lucky they are.

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