Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Name change

I wonder how many of us are content with the name we were given by our parents. I know that when I was at school, I disliked my name as it was different to everyone else`s. Most names you heard you knew more that one person with, but there was only me with my name, I suppose thinking about it now it made me feel isolated. I couldn`t even use my middle name, as I disliked that too, and that was also a name that no-one else seemed to be called!
How I wished I`d been called Mary or Susan.

Your Russian Name Is...

Kiska Laryssa Kuznetsov
What's Your Russian Name?

I`m glad I didn`t have to learn to spell that as a child !

I should add, that now I`m older, I`m pleased that I carry my two grandmothers names as my name, although I didn`t know either of them.

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