Sunday, November 19, 2006

What a day!

By lunch time today I was wishing I could go back to bed, wake up and start the day again. Guess we all get days like that occasionally, but this morning nothing went right.

It started when I plugged the kettle in to make the breakfast cup of tea. There was a big flash of light and a bang! I quickly turned it off, unplugged it and then, because I didn`t like the kind of burning smell there was, put it outside the kitchen door - just to be on the safe side.

Time to spare before going to church, so I merrily did some typing on the computer, one neighbour arrived for his lift to church then I waited to hear Mother`s "boyfriend" arrive. Suddenly I remembered that I`d put the car in his garage last night, so had to dash round there to get it and pick him up. On getting there, there was no sign of him waiting. I rang the bell, got the car out of the garage, by which time he`d usually appeared, but today, no, I had to ring again. Typical, just because I was running late.

The service went on, and on, and on this morning too, finishing much, much later than normal. I kept thinking about the chicken I`d left cooking on timer in the oven. Eventually we got out for service, and then as I was about to leave the building an elderly lady, a regular attender was looking for Mrs. C to take her home as the people who brought her had dropped her off that morning as they were going to another church. As by then most of the congregation had departed, I ended up offering to run her home, which ofcourse was in the opposite direction to where I live. That added more time to get home to resuce my poor chicken from the oven.

On eventually driving up our road, what do I find..... a visitor at a neighbours house had parked partly blocking my drive entrance, so more hold-up while I waited for him to move his car. Once parked I dashed straight to the kitchen to take the chicken out of the oven and put the vegetables on to boil. Now to get the chicken out of the roasting tin, the poor thing had coooked so well that it fell apart as I tried to lift it out. Then the potatoes boiled all over the stove.....aghhh.

Then, to crown it all, over lunch her "boyfriend" dropped the news that he won`t be going to his daughters for Christmas. So, no doubt assumes he`ll join us for the day. Without sounding selfish, I don`t want him for the day, it`s about the only day now in a year, that I can spend with just my Mum without him present. It`s a special day in that respect. No consideration is given to how I want to spend Christmas. I could scream.

Can I start the day again!?

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