Monday, October 30, 2006

A Scam or not a Scam?

Now-a-days one is always hearing about different scams that are happening, both on the Web and by telephone calls, and other means. It makes one so very wary, and even distrustful of folk. And probably 99.9% are genuine. But, how do you know if the person calling is who they say they are?

I`ve just had a telephone call (the chap rang when I was out this morning and was asked to ring back) He gave me his/a name and said he was from the AA, and wanted to tell me about an new scheme they`ve got out for breakdown cover for parts as well as the call out and it was a special offer price if I did it on the phone. He named the Option I`m currently on with them and explained what the benefits of the new scheme would be and that there was a special offer on it. I asked him to send me details by mail, but he said it won`t be at the offer price if you do it that way, and again repeated what the scheme was and that it would only be £20 if I did it there and then.

I said to him, "with no disrespect to you, there are so many scams about, that I want to see it sent in writing". He offered to quote my membership number. But I`ve insisted that I want something in writing. I`ve just looked on the AA website and there is a Scheme that seems to be the same as he offered, but then again, anyone could read it there, then try it on, couldn`t they?

So, was he from the company he said he was? Or wasn`t he? I don`t know. Although he probably was genuine, I daren`t take the risk. Isn`t it sad though, when you can`t be sure that you can trust callers.

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Who is this Dave? said...

Ask for his number, and say you'll ring him back. If it's the AA you should be able to tell. And if it's a con, at least you can give his phone number to the police.