Sunday, October 29, 2006

The End of Summer

Yes, it`s official. Summer has finished.

Well, if we`ve had to change all the clocks (and watches - wonder why they never say the Watches go back an hour, is it assumed that watches change themselves?) for the end of summertime, it must mean summers at an end, mustn`t it?

I dutifully went round the house last night changing all the clocks (and watches). It`s surprising how many timepieces there are in a house, but at least they`re all done now. At least, I thught they were, I`ve just looking up now and spotted one I`ve missed, and that reminds me, there`s another I`ve missed too - the one in my car. Oh, well at least the alarm clock is right for the morning!


Who is this Dave? said...

Actually, my radio-controlled watch did change itself.

Ivy said...

Aren`t you lucky!..... do they make clocks that do too?

Who is this Dave? said...

Yes, I've got one of those too.