Sunday, October 15, 2006

Jig saws

I`ve enjoyed doing jig-saws since I was a child. One of my favourites used to be one that belonged to my Dad as a boy (so you can tell it was quite an old one), and it had all straight sides. Yes, even all the middle pieces where straight sided, no knobs and cut out sockets as in the present day ones.

I wonder if others were taught like me to do jig-saws without looking at the picture on the box?! It`s still the way I do them, tip the pieces out, put the box in the cupboard, sort the pieces out into edges and middles on trays, and leave the box in the cupboard until the puzzle is completed. Its much more fun and more of a challenge than looking to see where each piece would go.

I came across this site today. It`s one I`ll be returning to time and time again in my “spare” time.

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