Friday, October 27, 2006

The End of the Road

Driving along this morning on our way to a large store that we go to quite regularly, we set out along the usual route. Turning off the main road we passed familiar "landmarks", like the garden that has 2 pigs in it, a railway signal in another garden further on, and followed the winding road to the end when we went straight across the cross roads and down the road opposite - but today getting to the end of the road, we were completely bemused..... there was no road opposite!

We just sat and looked, we couldn`t believe it, where was the road? What had happened we asked each other, we didn`t remember taking a turning off, we were sure we were on the right road, yes, we must be we`d passed the things we normally see. Where had we gone wrong?

We turned left and then took a road on the right, but that wasn`t the right one, so managing to find an opening to turn round in, we returned to the junction we`d come out of. Looking ahead past the junction we`d come out of, we saw another turning to the left so we took it.....and, it was the road we should have crossed straight over to. .....very odd!

We eventually worked out, that since we`d last gone that way, which was a few months ago, they`d moved the road junction from being opposite (and a crossroads) to a few yards further down the main road. But what a confusing and strange thing it felt to have a road disappear.

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