Saturday, March 03, 2007


Sitting in my car eating a bag of chips, (well, I say a bag of chips they were actually on a polystyerene tray. I wonder why chips taste so much different and nicer out of doors and eaten with the fingers?), by the quayside this evening, I looked up at the sky and saw what beautiful unusual colouring it had.... so.... out came the camera, and this is the result.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ivy. Love your Blog - especially your photo's. You live in a very beautiful place. You have the distinction of being the first person to sign the guest book on my site - In Back of Beyond. Thank You! My latest post pays tribute to you. I'll be looking in on Shanny's Day often.

Jeff Kopp

Dave said...

Did you look out of the window as you were posting this entry? At the time, the moon was turning red.

Ivy said...

No, I missed looking out of the window at the right time. When I first looked I couldn`t see the moon at all, next time I looked it was just a normal one.