Thursday, March 29, 2007


Following on from my post yesterday about the shape of things in the natural world, I admit that I hadn`t thought about crystals and minerals and all that kind of thing. But, then.... I never did science at school, so it`s outside my sphere of knowledge.

When I went to school (alright I admit it`s a good number of years ago now) Girls didn`t do science.

Infact the subjects were very much divided into some for boys and some for girls.... girls did - Needlework, Domestic Science.. which was cooking, and Biology (plants and animals), whilst the boys did Science, Woodwork and Metalwork. And, there were no computers and calculators. I wonder how we managed to add up and subtract sums!

What a difference to todays schools.


seethroughfaith said...

Hi on intothe Bible I've put a post for today Palm Sunday but really want to encourage you to find a scripture for each day - and post it - so we can read along. Something from either OT or NT is fine -maybe even both.

I chose Luke 19 today --- but do please put your choice if you want to..

Ivy said...

Great minds think alike!... (or so they say).
I`d gone to the book of Luke too, and thought I`d use it each day (see my comment on there), but as the Holy Week & Easter passages are so familiar I`m trying reading it from "The Message" to see what new insights it brings to me.