Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another Bird

Driving along this afternoon, down a country lane, having passed some nice patches of daffodils, my attention was caught by something big, black and white sitting on a wall. So, checking that no other traffic was coming I backed several yards back up the road to investivate, and found this looking at us. We stopped and sat looking at a bird. We couldn`t decide if it was a duck or a goose. (anyone know?)

It seemed so unusual to find a web footed bird, and a fairly large one at that, sitting on a low country garden wall. It was totally unafraid of the car and as we sat there it continued with preening its feathers, giving me a chance to get my camera out. Dare we open the window, we wondered or would it fly away? After taking some pictures with the window up, we gently opened the car window...

...the bird took not the slightest bit of notice and continued alternately preening its feather and stopping to give us a quizzical look.

But, what was it, and why was it sitting on a wall... we looked at it as quizzically at it looked at us!

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