Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What a Contrast

Well, what a contrast... last week was so springlike, warm and sunny. The sea was calm and blue... now look at it a couple of days later. So very rough and grey. These pictures don`t really give a full picture of the force and power as one cannot feel the strength of the wind nor hear the roar of the sea.

Fortunately the seaside place I live in is fairly safe from any flooding, but there is a great risk of it for others living in villages along this coast. What an awful thing if must be for those people tonight, as with the gales blowing in from the sea and the extra high spring tides who knows what could happen, there is such a trememdous power and strength to these elements of nature.

These pictues I took about 2 hours before the high tide, and already the sea was far higher up the beach than normal.

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