Friday, March 02, 2007

Single Shopper

Looking around supermarket shelves, the pack sizes of everything seem to be getting bigger and bigger. What happened to the small packs of items, like cornflakes and cereals? or small size washing powder? and many other commodities?
On the few exceptions like where one can buy a tiny jar of jam, why is the cost not in proportion to the cost of the larger size? Again it seems to be exploitation.

Do manufactures all assume that everyone lives in large families? Do they not realise or stop to think that lots of people, particularly elderly people live on their own, and besides not wanting a huge quantity of something which they can`t eat all of before it goes stale or out of date, or they get fed up with the same thing day after day, they probably cannot afford to lay out the cost of a huge pack.

I`ve often day-dreamed about setting up a "Singles Store", where one could buy items in sizes just big enough for one person. Like individually selling the packs from Variety packs of cereals, individual catering style packs of butter, sauces, jams and even enabling customers to buy a single egg, instead of 6 or 12 or 18. All items ofcourse without being penalised in price for only wanting a small item.
Would it take off, I wonder?

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