Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Square Peas?

Chasing some peas around a plate with a fork the other day, I heard someone say,, "Why don`t they make square peas?"!

That set me thinking... what in the natural world is created square?

I couldn`t think of any plant, flower, leaf, clouds, mountain, sea, lake, star, planet.... and so the list goes on, they are all spherical, or oval, or rounded in some way. Why isn`t there anything square - or will someone correct me with something that is?!

And, then I went a bit further in my thinking - and thought of all the things we construct and have around us,.... what shape are they.... all mainly square or at least objects with angular sides.. houses, furniture, books, cars (roughly square), and so on....

Why the big difference?
So, why do we put square items in a round world?

1 comment:

Dave said...

Some crystals are square/cubic.