Sunday, March 11, 2007

Modern Mailing System?

I know we must move with the times, but I didn`t realise things had got quite as advanced at this.

Whilst out this afternoon I came across this post box in a small Norfolk village. It was in the wall of a building which looked as if it had been a post office at one time. Pretty colour I thought, but a bit unusual for a post box, wonder what made them paint it that colour instead of the traditional red. About to drive off, something caught my attention about it, and I backed and looked again for the clearing time for mail from the box.

"From Owl Hoot to Cock`s Crow", it said. Intrigued I read further down the script on the plate on the box. It seemed that you could post your emails via the box for delivery. Now, that is a new I thought.

And it seems as if Bank Holidays are not a good time to post your emails in the box as they only deliver them if they remember.

I think I`ll stick to sending my emails by my computer for the time being, but it`s useful to know that this box exists isn`t it?!


Anonymous said...

Funny :)

wonder if real mail gets posted there too :)

Ivy said...

Yes, I wondered that, or whether it`s a blocked box.