Sunday, March 18, 2007

Going Quackers!!

Having some bread to spare today, we decided to go for a ride and feed some ducks on a nearby pond this afternoon. As we approached the pond we could see that the ducks were all on the water gently paddling/swimming along. As we drew into the side and parked by the grassy bank the started swimming quickly towards the bank, quacking as they came jumping up the bank and waddling as quickly as their little legs would carry them towards the car. Looking up at us in great expectation! Do they expect every car that stops there to feed them I wondered, they surely can`t remember our car as feeding them before, can they?

They quickly devoured all the bread we threw out of the window for them (it was too cold to get out to feed them today!) And once it was all gone, they seemed somehow to know and waddled back to the water... apart from these two who still stood looking up at the window hoping for more!

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