Saturday, March 10, 2007

Waste Paper

Why do newspapers put lots of extra suppliments in them now-a-days? Today alone I`ve discarded straight into the rubbish bin, or I should say recycling bin, at least 58 pages of unwanted unread junk from today`s paper alone. That`s on top of the Property suppliment, Motoring suppliment , sports suppliment discarded during the week... all several pages thick. What a waste of trees and resources. I wonder how many trees we could save a week without this?!

Why, oh why, don`t they, if they want to produce these extras just do a few so that those people who want them, could select the relevant ones and pick them up with their newspapers, instead of us all having to carry them home to put straight in our bins?

And, I really pity the poor paper girls and boys who have to deliver all this weight of useless printed matter.

Maybe we should do like I do with junk mail, (which I return it to sender in their prepaid envelope) and leave all the junk out of the newspaper at the newsagents and just take home the actual newspaper. Now there`s a thought!.... wonder what would happen if we all did that.... or is it only me that finds no use for all these suppliments?


Anonymous said...

ivy, my dad used to do just that - shake the sunday paper and leave all the extras behind. The newsagent just laughed - so go for it!


Ivy said...

I don`t think I`m as brave as your Dad !