Monday, March 12, 2007

Birthday Treat

A lovely spring day today, no work, so I said to my Mum this morning would you like to go for a ride? Knowing ofcourse that she would immediately say "Yes".

Unbeknown to her, whilst she was getting ready, I put her wheelchair and coat into the car. I had a destination in mind that I knew she liked, and thought it would make a nice birthday treat for her. I lightheartedly said to her as we went along the road with her thinking we were just going a short way and then back for dinner, "Where shall we go?" "Lowestoft" she replied, equally lightheartedly, not having the faintest idea that that was the destination I was heading for.

Travelling several miles along the road and about half an hour later, she realised that we were actually heading there - "I`ve not get a coat, or any money, or the wheelchair" etc.. she started to say, and was surprised when I said "Oh yes you have!" - well, I had some money, even if she didn`t.

After enjoying a fish & chip dinner at a restaurant by the pier, I pushed her right along the prom and up into the town and around the shops which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Maybe not everyone`s idea of a birthday treat, but it certainly was for her.


Anonymous said...

oh Ivy - what a wonderful blessing for your mum (and you!)

I loved reading about your surprise for her. Glad the weather was perfect for the walk.

Anonymous said...

PS I will be in Norfolk (Sheringham) the last weekend in April. Maybe we could have a cup of tea together? If you are interested ...maybe you could email me

seethroughfaith AT gmail DOT com