Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Weather folklore

"Days lengthen, cold strengthen".
I think these old folk who relied on the signs and aspects of nature to tell the weather, certainly knew a thing or two. So often these old sayings turn out to be so true. Days lengthen, cold strengthen is certainly true again this year. It`s lovely to have the mornings beginning to be lighter and the other evening when I left off work, walking down the road, I had to look twice at my watch to make sure I hadn`t left off an hour too early, as it was so much lighter than the same day the previous week! But, with the snow and hail showers it`s got much colder, proving the saying true.

There`s lots of these various sayings around. I`d love to know the origin of this one, (don`t know if its peculiar to Norfolk, of if its a general one), but on a cloudy or rainy day when the sky begins to clear, if there`s a small patch of blue sky appear, I`m told that if there`s enough to make a sailor a suit, it will get out and stay dry! How big the sailor`s got to be I`ve no idea!!

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