Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blowing the Cobwebs away

Take a walk with me this afternoon, along by the sea, and this is what you`ll find...... it looks a beautiful scene..... it is a beautiful scene.
The sun is shining, but a bitterly cold wind is blowing strongly, giving life to the sea. The waves are breaking and pounding up the beach, sending spray up into the air where they hit the boulders and the promenade. Churning the water up until it looked completely white.

But, what these pictures aren`t able to share with you is the wonderful sound of the sea. There`s no other sound like it. On a calm day it has a very soothing sound as it gently laps on the shore, but on a wild windy day, although it roars, crashes and splashes as it races up and down the stones on the beach, there is still (to me anyway) a beautiful rhythm to the sound of it.

What strength and power is has, it`s awesome. How vast is it. How constant yet ever changing it is.

I could stand and look at the sea for hours. It puts my life into perspective.
I feel close to God there. It makes me think of his strength and power, yet also his gentleness, but even more than that, it makes me aware of how constant he is throughout whatever happens. The sea is always there, no one can move it, or change it. So it is with God`s love.
I need to remind myself of that at times. And a walk by the sea`s the perfect place to do it.

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