Monday, January 08, 2007

The Trifle

Especially for Cherry Pie (and anyone else with a sweet tooth) here`s the recipe for my orange chocolate trifle.

You`ll need:
  • a tin of manderin oranges (I prefer a large tin!)
  • 4 trifle sponges
  • a tangerine jelly (or an orange jelly if you can`t get a tangerine one)
  • a packet of chocolate blancmange powder
  • milk
  • a packet of dream topping
  • cadbury`s flake (or some grated chocolate)
Drain the juice off the oranges. Cut 3 or 4 trifle sponges into about inch cubes and put in the bottom of a large dish, with the drained oranged. Make up the 1 pint jelly as directed on the packet. Pour enough over the oranges and sponge. Leave to set.

When this is set, make up the blancmange as directed on the packet, then put it in a basin and put the basin in a bowl of cold water, or iced water, keep stirring the blancmange all the time until it gets cold. Then pour this onto the set jelly mixture. (If you put it on hot, it melts the jelly!). Leave this in the fridge to set.

Make up the dream topping and spread over the top. Then sprinkle with a crumbled chocolate flake or grated chocolate.

And.... enjoy!

(Sorry, I`ve not taken a picture of one of them yet to put on here.)

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Cherrypie said...

I estimate I'll have to do about 4 hours on the treadmill to make up for a small helping of that.

Thanks, Ivy. I shall remember that recipe next time I do a family buffet