Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Resolutions 2007

I spent quite a while yesterday thinking of what my resolutions for 2007 should be. I decided that I wouldn`t make as many as last year. Maybe it would be easier to try and keep fewer rather than as many or more, so I came up with these half dozen:-

1. To have more patience, (especially with my parent)

2. To get more exercise – not to drive when I could walk!

3. To do more to be environmentally friendly

4. To beat the nerves/stress that affect me in various situations

5. To make time to pray and read my bible daily

6. To be more contented with my life as it is.

Ok, I know some are the same as last years, but as I failed with them then, they`re things I still need to do, and to try harder this year.

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