Sunday, January 21, 2007

Shut or Open?

A nice sunny afternoon, so off we went for a drive along the coast. My parents walking aid standing in the boot compartment as normal. Having gone about 10 miles, I heard a click and then a rattle from the back of the car, which sounded as if the boot door had opened. Or, as least I should say unlatched itself, it hadn`t flown up and open. So, stopping as soon as I could a bit further down the road, I got out to have a look.

Yes, it was uncaught, so I shut it down, got back in and drove off again. A few yards down the road, what did I hear? Yes, the same thing again. I pulled over to the side as soon as I got a stretch of road wide enough to do so. Got out, went and looked and yes again it was unlatched. I opened it wide, checked that there was nothing in the way to prevent it closing tightly and got in. Turning on the engine to start off again, as soon as I released the hand brake, I heard it uncatch again. Out I got, banged it shut again, got in. What happened?...exactly the same again. This I repeated about half a dozen or more times. I just couldn`t find out what was causing it. I tried turning the walking aid to a different way round, although it had been in there hundreds of times, so it couldn`t be the cause of the problem. Not being able to solve why this was happening, I daren`t go any further on our outing incase it fly completely up and open while I was driving along, so finding a lane to turn round in, we set off home again, at a sedately 20-25 miles per hour, just incase.

On getting home, I got the walking aid, and my passengers out, shut the boot - No, I don`t mean my passengers were in the boot too!! And took the car round the block to see what happened. The boot door behaved perfectly and made no attempt to click open!

After tea, I again went to the car to put the walking device in to go to the evening service, and what happened?... no not the door wouldn`t keep shut, this time I couldn`t get the boot door to open! I tried locking and unlocking the whole car a couple of times, but still the door refused to budge.

On coming out of the church, I thought I`ll just try the door and see what opened perfectly! and stayed closed for the journey home!

What an odd day I`ve had with it.

So, what do I do - take it to the garage and look stupid if they say they can`t see anything wrong with it, or wait and see what happens and risk a problem maybe on a longer trip or busier road than today?
(And, it was only serviced last week)

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