Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nature sightings

I`ve seen the first snow-drops of the year!
I went out for a drive this afternoon and coming back, I was passing an old church which has a grave-yard all around it, and something small and white amongst the grass and memorial stones caught my eye. Yes, they really were snowdrops. I don`t think I`ve ever seen them as early as the second week of January before.

Then, another treat was in store for me, stopping at a junction my attention was drawn to a bird flying over the field opposite, something about its movement made me quickly realise it wasn`t a seagull. It was infact an owl. What a beautiful sight. It`s so seldom that I see one. It somehow always thrills me to see an owl flying in the wild like that.

Sorry I can`t show you any pictures of them though. I did have my camera with me, but the road wasn`t one that it was advisable to stop on to get out and take a picture.

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