Thursday, March 31, 2005

Top Brass

It was a hive of activity at the retail outlet, where I work …..
Mops and buckets, dustpans & brushes, cleaning spray and paper roll – all working overtime!
Staff starting work an hour earlier than normal.

Trolleys and cages of goods flying round the shop floor and warehouse.
Packets and tins being moved from here to there, and sometimes back again.
Shelves being filled to capacity.
No cages of cardboard and plastic coverings standing about

Everything taken off the work tops, never seen them so bare.
Extra staff in, tills fully manned (or should I say personed?!).
Staff room spruced up, no clutter there either.

What was the big occasion?....
An executive visit.
It had been said there would be visit by a couple of the “top brass”, the bosses.
Will they even come??

We`ve heard it all before time and time again and no-one has come.
Or is it just a ploy to get things how they should be?

Are Bosses really so naïve that they think the shop always looks like that?

Do they really not know that special efforts are made to impress?

I always maintain that they should just turn up, without warning, to see how things really are. To see the normal everyday life of the business and the conditions the staff have to work in, and the view the customers have of it daily.

And another thought, if we can get things looking good like this, why can`t we always do it and keep it like it??

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