Saturday, March 19, 2005


Recycling – a new idea? - I think not !
I`m not that ancient (!) but I can remember “make do and mend”, in all kinds of ways –
letting down hems clothes so as not to discard and buy new,
sewing on buttons, replacing zips. etc.
Carefully unwrapping Christmas presents so as to save the good parts of the paper to use another year.
Cutting gift tags from cards, saving paper bags to reuse, saving string.
Almost everything was kept for a second purpose.
Dyeing curtains to match a newly decorated room because they were still good.
Buying refills for pens, instead of a new pen.
Taking a shopping basket or bag for the shopping – never expecting to be given bags, which get thrown away.
What a wasteful society we live in today.
Compost heaps were the common item in gardens.

So, is recycling new???

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