Monday, March 07, 2005

Present problem

What do you buy for a lady`s 86th. birthday?
By now, they`ve more than enough ornaments in the home.
They don`t need gadgets to use in the kitchen.
There`s no more wall space for pictures.
Flowers, although nice, don`t last long.
Chocolates are fattening, and put on weight!
Make up, is never used.

She`s got plenty of "smellies" (scent, soap etc)
Jewellery, she already has enough of.
You can`t keep buying skirts and blouses, it`s too predictable!
So, what shall it be?

Any ideas??


Dave said...

Tickets to the theatre

Ivy said...

That`s a good idea. Thanks. I wonder if they do a kind of Gift voucher? that would be ideal