Friday, March 18, 2005

Cliff Walk

I`ve had a long walk along the cliff this afternoon.
What beauty there is “on our own doorsteps” so to speak, if we only look and take time to appreciate it.

The sun was warm, the sea was gently turning over on the stones making its soothing, swishing sound, making it very peaceful. A good way to unwind. Sitting on a bench, my only company was a crow sitting close by on a fence post, he (or she!) too seemed to be just sitting taking in the warmth of the sun, its wings stretched open as if sun-bathing, and not afraid of my presence. In the quietness with no traffic to drown it out the songs of birds, maybe skylarks, could be heard. Sea gulls flew and drifted past on the currents of air, so graceful in the air.
Daisies grew scattered along the path and the ground to the side, what brave flowers they always seem to be, they grow where people tread, get trodden on, but still they survive and come up bright again. Maybe there`s a lesson for us in that? I saw a buttercup or two as well, golden in the sunlight, and a line of a hymn sung as a child came back to me….. “Daisies are our silver, buttercups our gold…” but I can`t remember the rest….. Does anyone know the rest of it?

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