Sunday, March 27, 2005

Reflecting on Easter Day

Looking back at today - Easter Day

I`ve attended three services today, each one of them different in atmosphere, but each one of them giving a lot of food for thought.

The first one, early this morning, had a very peaceful ambience about it, but at the same time had a powerful message about Easter.

The second one, later in the morning, was a very busy service with a packed congregation. There were a lot of different parts to the service, from a Baptism, to a choir rendition of an anthem (which I didn`t enjoy), to a very interesting sermon which I did find good and helpful. The most moving part of this service, to me, was the privilege of helping with the distribution of the Communion. [I don`t mean privileged in the sense of pride, I mean not feeling a good enough person to do it but being allowed to.] To actually be sharing the bread and wine with people gave somehow an extra depth to the meaning and significance of Communion. To actually pass someone a glass of wine and say “the blood of Christ shed for you”, and to be so aware of what I was saying, was very moving.

I found too, thinking about it afterwards, that I was so totally absorbed in what I was doing that I became unaware of the sounds, of movement, of children/babies murmerings and noises that I had been conscious of during the rest of the service.

The third one, in the evening, had yet another different feel to it. It was quiet, there were few people there, but the singing of the hymns was strong. It had a sermon based on a well known Bible passage for Easter of the walk to Emmaus, but a different emphasis on it to others I`ve heard on the same reading.

I find it interesting, as well as helpful, the way different bible readings can give so many different ways to interpret and look at them.

The weather`s not been good today, its been foggy and then rainy, I couldn`t take flowers up to Dad`s grave, which was disappointing, it`s the first year I`ve missed.
But, it has been a good Easter day

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