Sunday, March 20, 2005


Should I give up something I`ve been doing over six years, but enjoy doing?
That’s something I`ve been thinking about over the past weeks, since the suggestion was made to me. I felt very upset when it was suggested, then I started questioning myself as to why I felt as I did, why it was important to me?
I`m not a confident person (although I try to appear so), I get very nervous about different things, and there are so many things I can`t do. But this is something I can do, and I suppose in that way it helps to give me confidence. I so often too feel an `odd one out`, at church - not fitting into the category of Wives, too young for the ladies fellowship; at work, still being single, when others are talking about their children, families. So this gives me a purpose, a sense of belonging, of being useful.
I know that I need to be needed.
But maybe that`s the wrong reason for hanging on to doing it?
Maybe I should give someone else the chance.
Yet, aren`t we supposed to use the gifts we have?
Is that perhaps why people leave the church, because after they`ve done something for a while and are willing to continue, they are asked to hand jobs over? So do I carry on, or do I pack up??

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