Friday, March 11, 2005


Well, I didn`t get chased by the spiders yesterday, so I can write again today.
But what a load of old rubbish I found in the shed. From rusty nails and screws, broken flower pots to old cooking tins! Why I wonder do we hang on to so many bits and pieces instead of chucking them straight away when we`ve done with them. Does everyone do the same, or is it only us?
I wonder, now that I`ve turned it all out, will it keep tidy or will it get the same again??

Having this new kitchen and new shower room has somehow has seemed like a “new start” to so much. It`s made me look at things, turn out things.
I now feel that this is my home and not the feeling that I had that its my parents house and I just live there. And, with new working hours when I go back after my holiday, maybe it’s a new, better, way of life.

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