Saturday, March 26, 2005

A miserable day

No, the title doesn`t refer to my state of mind.
It`s a comment that someone said to me as we walked passed each other on the pavement today. She, ofcourse, was talking about the weather. It is a drizzly, misty, damp, dull grey day. Yet to me the weather seems to suit the day perfectly - the day after Good Friday and before Easter Day. I imagine the day after Good Friday must have been a very miserable day for all the disciples, mother and followers of Jesus. Wonder what the weather was like there on that day, did it match their mood? We are told the sky went black for about three hours, but, what happened after that?

Thinking about it, we talk a lot about the weather, and it can and does seem to affect how we feel and react to things, yet I don`t remember in the Bible (apart from the flood in Genesis), but especially in the life of Jesus, the writers telling us what the weather was like when events in his life took place. [I guess I`m probably wrong, and if so someone can point me in the right direction on that!].
I wonder why they didn`t, was it not important to them?

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