Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Should it go or stay?

Sorting out all the things we`d taken out of our kitchen cupboards, to put them back in the new cupboards, I found utensils and items that hadn`t "seen the light of day" for years!
But, the question was, should I discard them or should I keep them "just incase"! ? On the other hand, if we`ve not used them in at least the last 5 years, why do I think we`ll use them in the future? So should I part with them or should I hold on to them, maybe for sentimental reasons with some of them. Yet, what`s sentimental about an old saucepan!?
No, if we`re having (or I should say, have got) a new kitchen its really time to have a new start and get rid of those things that we never use isn`t it?

Or is it?


Magicfingers said...

Let them go. Someone else needs them more.

Ivy said...

That`s a good way to think of it. Thanks.