Sunday, March 09, 2008

NO Work!

Yippee..... No work for a week, I`ve a weeks holiday.

Well, a weeks holiday from my paid employment, I guess I shall be busy working at home on various things.
I`ve a birthday cake to make for my mum`s 89th. birthday
I`ve yet to buy her a present - and I haven`t a clue what to get. What do you get someone of that age? She`s still got a wardrobe full of clothes even after we turned a lot out for a jumble sale the other week.
I`ve correspondence to do
I`ve turning out of kitchen cupboards to do
I`ve a trip to the Records office to do some research with a church member



eija said...

Holiday...? I think I've heard that word before... Is it something edible?



Anonymous said...

hope the sun shines and you can take some walks too :) that's what holiday s are for. And reading good books.

I'm off to take a nap (working week for me!)

Leigh said...

I hope you get some rest on your holiday! Tell your mama Happy Birthday from blogland!!! Enjoy your time!

Lani said...

Well, it's almost over by the time I get around to commenting, and you're probably wondering where it went. ;) Anywayz... that's usually the way my holidays go.