Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

The weather here today, of very, very strong icy cold wind along with showers of sleet and rain prevented me from doing what I usually do on Good Friday.

After our service at church there is a procession to the town following a large heavy wooden cross, a service in the centre on the town, with music provided by the Salvation Army band, and then the procession follows the cross up onto a hill on the cliffs where the cross is erected. It is a moving experience. But today, with the way the weather was, I chickened out of the walk up onto the cliffs. I just followed it to the town and even standing there for the short service my feet became blocks of ice, it was so cold. The wind was blowing right off the sea, and after the rain of yesterday as well as today, I thought it was too risky to try and go up.
But, I have missed doing so.

A few words in the Bible reading caught my attention today, and set me wondering... I`ve heard the passage many times, and not thought twice about this bit of it, but today on both times of hearing it, it gave me a question.

It was the verses about the soldiers at the cross who "divided his clothes among themselves by throwing dice" (Luke 23: 34 Good News Bible). It made me wonder - why did they want Jesus`s clothes? If Jesus had been a rich king with extravagant clothing it would have made sense, but I always assume that Jesus wasn`t lavishly dressed (maybe I`m wrong in that?) - so why would they want them?


Lani said...

Interesting thought, and I don't have a good answer for it, other than I think it was fulfillment of prophesy... I'll have to look it up and see.

Leigh said...

I do not have a good answer either. I will check back to see if you come up with it.

I want to wish you a Happy Easter!!