Thursday, March 06, 2008

The List worked!

I had a lot to do today, so last night I wrote myself a list of all I had to do. As I thought of each item, down it went on the list.

The list grew bigger and bigger.

I`ll never get it all done I thought as I kept thinging of things that I had to do, where shall I start? But I added them to the list.

But......, I started at the top of the list,
first job done,
second job done,
another items crossed off
...and another.... and another..

.... and although my list had 19 items on it (all to do after a mornings work, and before going out to a meeting in the evening too - some of the items being for that meeting) .....

I got them all done - and with time to spare to wash my hair!

It certainly paid to make that list. Everything got done, nothing got forgotten, I had all I needed for the meeting.

Now, I just hope that I`ve got everything prepared that I need for tomorrow! - well, they`re all crossed off the list, so they must be.

(Thanks fellow bloggers for your good wishes - I feel better today too)


Leigh said...

Congrats! I am a compulsive list maker, it works for me too!

Leigh said...

PS I almost forgot, I am glad you feel better!!!

Lani said...

When I've got a lot to get done, I make lists beforehand, too. Helps me get everything organized so I can get things done in the most efficient manner without forgetting anything. Isn't it a great feeling? I LOVE LISTS! ;)