Monday, March 24, 2008

It`s Bank Holiday...

It`s a bank holiday (well for some it is, I`ve been working), but I just had to share with you something I saw today, that "said it all"!

It was about 5 p.m., I was going home from work, it has been snowing on and off all day, the sky was grey and more snow was beginning to fall. As I drove through the town, now with only a handful of holidaymakers about, the majority having the sense to either go home or at least get inside somewhere warm, my eye was drawn to the doorway of the betting shop. In the door way trying to shelter I presume from the icy wind stood two people, woolly hats on pulled well down over their eyes, bundled up in anoraks and jackets with collars up high round their necks...and there they stood... holding... and eating icecream cones!

I suppose it was a case of, we`ve come to the seaside so we`ve got to have an icecream!


Lani said...

Brilliant. It's ALWAYS time for ice cream cones! ;)

eija said...

Brrrrrrr - sounds freeeeeeezing!

So you've had it too - the winter coming "a bit" late. On Sunday morning our ground was white - about 5 cm of snow had fallen down during the night! And it's still there - the temps have pretty much stayed below zero. And this morning it was almost -7!

Thanks for the sweet e-card :)

Leigh said...

There is no bad time for ice cream in my mind, teehee!

I love the white Easter pics in your last post!