Saturday, August 04, 2007

Time and Tide

Time and tide wait for no man - so the saying goes, and how true that is for me this week.

I`ve not even had time to write anything on my blog here. What with having to find a costume to dress up in (as I wrote about one day last week), and maybe one day I`ll share a picture of how I looked dressed up in a big hat, flowers and a long skirt - if you want to hazard a guess at what nursery rhyme character I decided to be from that description feel free.

But, besides that, all my spare time has been taken up trying to beat a deadline to get words and pictures compiled together into a publication for which the deadline is this weekend to get it printed for next weekend.... and I`m not winning with it. The colleague that I`m doing it with is so dithery and wants to keep adding unnecessary bits to it.

And, that`s all beside the proper job, housework, demanding parent etc..etc... so it really does feel that time and tide are winning here at the moment. Why does everything happen at once. Another week I`ll have nothing to do!

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Anonymous said...

In Finland we don't have tides (the Baltic is too small) and it's one of the things I miss. Also the little creatures that live in tidepools.

Glad your test came back ok. Prayers for struggles as you take care of an ageing parent.

I loved it that you took time to STOP and reflect on the stained glass window ... that's YOUR time with God and it's beautiful.

P.S. We are planning to get back into the bible. Skip on over and add your 2p worth - as to which book we'll look at next.

blessings xx