Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Prayer time

I like to have my `quiet time` at the start of the day, the only time when I can be sure, or as sure as I can be, of not being disturbed, of the phone not going, of the other person in the house not wanting to talk, or to call to me, but that means that I usually end up reading my bible and bible notes while I eat my breakfast. But yet I don`t really feel it`s right to be doing it that way, infact I felt guilty that I did do the two things at once. (I know readers may say I should get up earlier! I`ve tried that, it doesn`t work - I`m not awake enough, plus I have to start work early).

But, this morning while doing it two thoughts suddenly came to me while I was eating my breakfast – Firstly, that Jesus often ate and drank with his friends, and second that we are told of several different times when He broke bread and shared it with his disciples, crowds, a couple of people…. So maybe he wouldn`t mind sharing my breakfast time with me each day, that as I ate my bread, toast or whatever and drank my tea he was sharing with me?

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